Art Advising

With our decades of experience in the art world from galleries in New York and London, and working with hundreds of artist and clients, we know the ins and outs of purchasing art from just about every source imaginable. With our advisory services we help our clients make those tough and often daunting decisions when looking to buy art. Working with us takes away the hassle and fear, so clients can really enjoy the special experience of investing in an artist’s career.



The process starts with understanding the project scope, criteria, and aesthetic. After discussing and analyzing what our clients need, we put together an initial set of carefully curated artworks and artists. We walk our clients through the story behind each artist and artwork and why they might be a good fit. Through a few rounds of iterations based on client feedback, we focus in on the final selection for presentation in a purchase proposal. If the available works don’t quite fit the criteria, we often work with the artists to create custom commissions as well. Once a decision is made, we take care of the rest of the process.



Procurio works independently of any vendor. We don’t just work with a limited set of artists or galleries. This allows us to truly represent the buyer in an un-biased and transparent fashion. We have sourced hundreds of artworks from galleries, auctions, private collections, and directly from artists. Because we represent the buyer, we eliminate conflict of interest, and negotiate the best possible prices for the artworks. We take care of every detail in purchase process so our clients never have to think twice about it, including negotiation, payment, shipping, and insurance.



We work directly with many of the largest fine art printers in the US. When working with photography or reproductions, we can produce pieces in any custom format desired at surprisingly affordable prices. From gallery walls made up of dozens of pieces to large format individual pieces spanning a wide expanses of wall, we can produce it to fit the space. We’ve printed marketing photoshoots for corporate headquarters, precious family photo collections, custom fine art reproductions, and limited edition photography prints. Before placing the order we can provide our clients with a mockup of what the pieces will actually look like in-situ so you can be sure before committing.



Framing is often an after-thought, but framing is as much a matter of taste as the art that goes in it. We work with clients to find the right framing for the space and piece, whether swapping out the frame an artwork came in or starting fresh with an unframed piece. We use the best available framers in the Tri-state area to match the budget.



Art installation is part art - part science. We bring both sides of the equation and make sure the art our clients purchase is presented as best as possible within it’s environment. After installing thousands of pieces over the years, hanging has become second nature to us.



Art is usually the focus feature of any room, but many clients ask for assistance with the rest of the furnishings and decor. We work in collaboration with some of the best young designers in the business on projects from full scale interior designs for new builds and spaces, refurbishments, or even just making your book-shelves magazine worthy. The Procurio Collaborative has it covered.