We use our extensive experience to curate art for collectors, interior designers, hospitality spaces, offices, and commercial and residential property developers. Our vast connections allow us to select from a wide range of art for any project.


Residences & Private COllectors

Sourcing from artists, galleries, private collections, fairs, and auction houses, Procurio will guide and assist you through acquiring an art collection to be proud of. We learn your tastes, preferences, and style to focus on the collectible art you really love, not the art you're told you should love. With our extensive expertise and constant exposure we keep ahead of global trends and will help you make smart purchases with confidence. Whether its commissioning your first piece of original art from an emerging talent, or acquiring your 100th from a well established artist, we'll take care of the process until it reaches your wall. 

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Interior designers and developers have their hands full carefully planning, sourcing, and installing FF&E for their projects. Sourcing art to complement the designers vision can be exceptionally difficult and time consuming. Procurio works with designers to make the process effortless, finding the right artwork for the budget and requirements of the client. Purchasing art represents a significant investment. We will ensure that the investment is worthwhile and work closely with the designer for the curation and sourcing process through to final installation. Working with us will significantly shorten a designers time to completion and allow them to focus on what matters most - a satisfied client.

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We understand that reaching profitability quickly is critical for any new hospitality venture, whether opening or renovating a restaurant, hotel, or even a healthcare facility. And that means keeping costs low. We'll work with you to realize your vision of the space within any budget. With direct access to the best print houses and framers, we can fill large spaces with expansive walls for surprisingly little. Every project is unique and bespoke in its requirements. We invest the time to work with you on and off-site to ensure the result exceeds your expectations.