Procurio is an affordable management service for emerging and mid-career artists. As your champions, we’ll be your link to the wider art world, supporting you in expanding your career by providing ongoing guidance, exposure and useful connections.

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Consultations & Studio Visits

  • We provide an initial consultation to assess your goals, needs and concerns.

  • This is followed by a personal (or virtual) visit to your studio to develop a relationship and gain insight into your unique work and process.

  • We identify your goals, and through careful planning, we help you develop a body of work, schedule shows (such as gallery, group or open studio), and explore all the myriad possibilities to showcase your talent in an ever expanding market.

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  • We offer seasoned advice for the presentation of your portfolio to galleries, interior designers, architects, art consultants, corporate art buyers, and e-commerce platforms.

  • We help you create and maintain your resume, artist statement, archive, and client lists

  • We advise on effective pricing and commission agreements, as well as invoicing and expenses, the writing of certificates of authenticity and lists and terms for consignments.

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Technology and Social Media


  • We guide you in curating your website to effectively showcase your work and promote sales.

  • We provide direction to create a vibrant, engaging social media strategy across all exciting and user-friendly platforms, which provide worldwide client opportunities.


Framing and Logistics


  • We provide suggestions for affordable framing, fine art printing, photographing, and scanning your work.

  • We offer our extensive experience in handling logistics such as recommended packing methods, shipping services, and insurance providers.

Procurio is committed to providing support to our artists as they navigate a somewhat daunting environment.  Our mission is to encourage your creativity while providing the necessary direction for you to reach the ever expanding global community of collectors.